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In developing the first generation of Pantera® - Draka Interfoams top-quality foam, we allowed ourselves to be inspired by cats. No other animal can derive such elegant and graceful pleasure from simply lying and sitting about. Whoever has seen a cat relax, gracefully stretch and relax again can easily understand what we were searching for and were able to find. The result: Pantera®, a top-quality foam specially developed for producers of the very best mattresses and seats available on the market.
After the initial introduction, we have not sat still. At Draka Interfoam we are continually moving forward. So we listened to the wishes of our customers and quickly introduced several new modifications. Convinced as we were that it would be increasingly necessary to think in terms of greener and more sustainable processes in the production of foam, we introduced, in addition to the existing Pantera® product lines, a line of products based in part on natural and renewable raw materials, which are recognisable by their own Pantera® Origin logo.